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The description of wpt format expansion

File format wpt
File type:

The wpt file can be a template of several popular word processors: Corel WordPerfect, Microsoft Works and Kingsoft Writer.

If the appropriate file is a WordPerfect template, then it stores a pre-formatted document ,which can be used in order to create WordPerfect (wpd) document. Basically, a word processor WordPerfect stands out as a part of the WordPerfect Office suite. As a custom, similar to other templates, this template allows users to define several documents with alike feel and look. Moreover, WordPerfect templates are usually applied for creating layout of mailing envelopes, legal forms, business memos, company letterheads and other pro-business documents.

If the corresponding file is a Microsoft Works template, then it may contain pre-defined layout, graphics, text and other info proper for the document formatting. As a rule, the Works templates (wpt files) are applied for creating several new wps files.

The wpt Kingsoft Writer text editor template has the similar purpose. If you require to create several text document via the Kingsoft Writer word processor, you can use the template file and all the resulted documents will have similar layout, fonts, formatting and styles. Kingsoft Writer app is a part of a massive office software package Kingsoft WPS Office suite.