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The description of wps format expansion

File format wps
File type:

A wps file is a word processing document created by Kingsoft Writer, a word processor which is a part of the Kingsoft WPS Office Suite. It contains page formatting, images and text. By its structure the WPS files are similar to Microsoft Word documents (doc or docx file objects).

The WPS file is the main file associated with Writer. It is created when you save a document in order to store the contents of the document. You may create a WPS document from scratch or use the wpt template to start and save it as a wps file.

Additionally, wps file can be a document created with Microsoft Works word processing software. It contains document elements similar to a Microsoft Word (doc) document, but does not include advanced formatting options and macros that a Word document may contain.

Microsoft Works 9 was the final version of Works and the software was discontinued in 2010. Nevertheless, Windows users can still open WPS files with Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft Word.