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The description of rtf format expansion

File format rtf
File type:

The rtf file is interpreted as Rich Text Format, and there is a good explanation to such an abbreviation. The rtf format has some differences in comparison with plain text document (txt). First of all, it may contain the formatting options – bold and italic face of the font. In addition, it includes a wide range of different fonts and images of any size.

The rtf file objects are especially useful, because they are absolutely universal and compatible with different operational systems and program tools. What does it mean? For instance, you created a new rtf file in some app in appropriate operational system (let’s say, Mac OS). After that you may switch to another software or OS (Windows or Linux), open it in this, absolutely differential environment and continue working with it, as if nothing happened.

The rtf extension was used at the first time in 1987, but in 2008 Microsoft ceased its support. Whether a new distinct text editor would read the rtf file in the same way as the prior one, where it actually was created, depends on the version of the format being used.