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The description of pages format expansion

File format pages
File type:

The pages file is a document created by Apple Pages, a word processor and page layout program. It may be a basic text document or a complex multi-page brochure. PAGES files may include text, pictures, tables, graphs and charts and can be created from a blank page or built from a template.

PAGES files are stored in the zip format and include a jpg file and an optional pdf file that provide a preview for the document. Therefore, if you wish to view the contents of a PAGES file manually in Windows, use the following instruction:

  1. Rename the “pages” extension to “zip”.
  2. Extract the resulting Zip file with a Zip decompression utility. The extracted files should contain a folder named QuickLook. Navigate to this folder.
  3. In the QuickLook folder, open the file Thumbnail.jpg. This file only gives a preview of the first page of the document, but can still be helpful in a range of situations.
  4. In the QuickLook folder, there may also be a PDF file named Preview.pdf. Open this file to reveal a preview of the entire PAGES document. Note that the PDF file is only created if the user has chosen to save the original document with additional preview info in Pages.