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The description of html format expansion

File format html
File type:

The HTML-file is an encoded into HTML format web-page, which may be opened and represented in the web-browser. Presents formatting of the text, tables, images and other content, which is displayed on the page. Most of the pages on static web-sites use the “html”- extension.

The source HTML-code is being analyzed by the web-browser and most often not visible to the user. If you want to view the web-page source code, select in the View upper menu section of the web-browser the “View Source” option. As far as the HTML-files are stored in standard text format, they can be opened and edited via the basic text editor.

HTML-files contain text, as well as the text links on other external resources. HTML-files may redirect on other file objects – such as videos, CSS and JS-files.

The idea of inventing the format was suggested by Tim Berners-Lee, when he required an extension, which would allow the browsers to check against the encoding and convert it into the punctuation signs, formatted texts, hyperlinks, images, videos and other media-files. If the user visits the appropriate site, he may see only the final result of the browser operations with HTML, if it was ended incorrectly. The content of the external file can be seen via the “View web-page source” option.