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The description of fb3 format expansion

File format fb3
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The fb3 file is a totally new redesign of fb2 object format, applied and marketed by the Russian company “LitRes”. On the status of 2017, the format is still under development and new features of it are expected soon.

The main differences between fb2 and fb3 are:

  • basically, FB3 file object is a zip-archive, where meta-data, images and text are packaged as discrete files;
  • meta-information is stored in the distinct file, whereas the body of the book and footnotes – into the other;
  • all the images are being extracted from XML and are actually ordinary files in the archive.

The format is being developed in order to fulfill the growing requirements to the formatting of the books text and the possibilities of its cataloging. The modern condition of the standards and technologies allows, in addition to the basic advancement of the tags set, to conform the format to the compatibility with the most successful and perspective groundworks.