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The description of epub3 format expansion

File format epub3
File type:

The epub3 file is a new generation implementation of the EPUB-format. Comparing to EPUB, EPUB3 possesses several distinctive and notable differences, among which are:

  • the epub3-content is based on HTML5 (among others, the embedded fonts in the WOFF-format are supported as well);
  • the multimedia capabilities are widely supported, including the sound playback during the representation;
  • a wide spectrum of graphical formats is supported, including SVG;
  • MathML is supported (and possibly, the support of other special formats, based on XML will be available in the perspective);
  • the jаvascript scripts are supported.

In general, there are no any special obstacles for the creation of scientific books in the EPUB3-format left.

The application of embedded fonts allows to display almost any symbols in the text. The SVG-usage permits to implement illustrations into EPUB not in the shape of raster pattern, but as curves, which allows to easily scale images for any screen format and size. At the same time, the support of MathML allows to display complex formulas.

While using the noted earlier technologies, the size of EPUB3-files is considerably smaller (i.e. in a few times), as far as SVG and MathML are the text formats, which are perfectly archived during the EPUB-packaging (ZIP-container).