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The description of doc format expansion

File format doc
File type:

The doc file is a native document for Microsoft Office package of 2003 version and earlier. Starting from 2007 MS Office release, the primary extension was replaced by docx format, but prior to this date doc files were the most popular among many widely-used paid and open-source text editors.

Whereas in early 90’s, in the years of the format popularity growing, the documents with doc extension contained only formatted text, soon it obtained the feature of including a large variety of embedded objects: any tables, diagrams from another apps, sounds, videos and images.

The files with doc extension contain a range of data regarding the formatting of the text: fonts, its face, alignment of the text, indentation, paragraphs, lists, columns etc.

In addition, the doc files may include scenarios and macros. Besides the fact, that document with doc extension consists of different objects, text and information about its formatting, it also contains the parameters of the document itself and the printing.