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The description of djvu format expansion

File format djvu
File type:

The djvu file is a compressed image format developed by AT&T and marketed by LizardTech. It is designed to allow content developers to scan high-resolution color pages of books, magazines, comics, catalogs, etc. and publish them on the web.

DjVu compression can compress color documents 5 to 10 times more than JPEG or GIF compression, and 3 to 8 times more than TIFF compression for black and white documents. The extension belongs to the graphical formats and can be opened on such platforms, as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Android and Symbian OS.

The DjVu format is compressed, and allows to save high definition images into the small-sized files. Quite often the extension is applied for:

  • scanning texts with variety of hard for identification components: formulas, schemes, sketches, tables;
  • scanning texts, not oriented for identification: typescripts, parchments, manuscripts and other historical documents;
  • digitization of the books and their publication to web-interface;
  • creation of the electronic books.

The DjVu Image format was developed in 1998, the last update is dated as 2006. The extension is spelled as “deja vu”.