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Bookmate is an ultimate program solution for reading e-books and maintaining books collections. The tool perfectly works on iOS 9.0 or later, including the most recent iPhone and iPad editions. Moreover, the Bookmate utility is constantly updated, what claims, that the developers care about their offspring and keep it in a consistent, working state.

Primary Bookmate features

Below you can check out the list of the most interesting outstanding applet opportunities:

  • the direct access to the huge library of several hundred thousand book items in 12 languages. After the service subscription, all the books become available to you. If you don’t want to pay, the service provides the ability to read about 50,000 e-books absolutely for free;
  • you may keep on tracking by new business books, classics, bestsellers and titles;
  • get recommendations from editors, experts and friends. Also you may share different fragments, quotes and stories, which compound the book. In Bookmate you may find new friends with similar areas of interest. For this specific purpose the enriched social component of the tool is designed;
  • intelligent suggestions. Experts and other sophisticated book lovers are capable to generate themed bookshelves. After sharing them to the society, you may receive regular updates, subscribe and browse them. Additionally, the engine of the tool works in such a way, that the recommendations are made depending on your preferences. As a result, the books are added to your reading and listening lists, so that you can use them.
  • as a cherry on the pie, you may modify the background screen or the font color and adjust the brightness of the reading area. More than that, some advanced configuration abilities are provided.

If you think about the program tool with in-depth social component, download Bookmate for free from the App Store at the moment and start learning it, - it definitely won’t take much time, and the result will be staggering.

The product supports basic operations with e-books stored in fb2 or epub formats only.

Format compatibility:

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