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Documents is a multi-functional hub for all of the files, stored on your iOS device. It allows to view, read, annotate or listen nearly anything you want on your phone or tablet. Books, documents, files, any other content is precisely where it has to be, using Documents app freely.

In general, Documents utility is the all-inclusive hub for all of your files and serves as a PDF and other formats reader, document viewer, “read it later”, file downloader and performs other miscellaneous tasks. Regarding the text files operations, Documents perfectly handles reading of the documents stored in PDF and TXT files in scope of the general workflow basis. Moreover, using this tool you will be capable to read articles and books.

Primary Documents features

This product allows to perform all basic operations with the text files, i.e.:

  • viewing of the Office files;
  • annotating and reading PDF-files;
  • perform search manipulations inside of the PDFs;
  • creation of the text files;
  • selecting and highlighting fragments of the text from the document.

If you need more sophisticated and advanced tool for reading e-books, pay your attention to such mobile applets as TotalReader, FBReader or KyBook. All of them are free and maintain perfect compatibility with the most popular text formats. But if you require basic simple tool, which may perform a large mass of additional targets, like managing and importing files, listening to mp3-music, watching movies, integrating with cloud services, just download Documents for free from the App Store and witness the high-range spectrum of the program opportunities.

The app supports any operations with the mentioned further file formats: pdf, doc, docx. What concerns the files with txt extension, the tool may also create and view such objects without any restrictions.

Format compatibility:

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