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KyBook is a contemporary flexibly customized e-reader for iOS mobile environment. What glances from the first sight is highly configurable and friendly interface, in addition to essential primary features, which make this tool unique and peculiar.

Primary KyBook features

KyBook applet is different from the competitors due to a large variety of relevant functions, which are presented in the list below:

  • pretty high level of compatibility. The quantity of supported formats is counted to about 10 items;
  • network folders and OPDS catalogs;
  • Yandex Disc, OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Books cloud services support;
  • flexible reading mode settings;
  • possesses wide abilities in downloading and searching e-books from different sources;
  • the access to the largest collections of free electronic books via OPDS-catalogs is guaranteed;
  • downloading of the e-books with the assistance of iTunes, e-mail or web-browser;
  • storing your books in the network folders and cloud storages;
  • permits flexible customization of text representation: hyphenations, paragraph indentations, margins, line height, text alignment mode, text size, color theme, font selection;
  • permits changing subjects and titles, choosing book covers from different sources;
  • makes possible the organization of the books on shelves, sorting them in different modes and cataloging them under subjects;
  • allows simple and intuitive navigation inside the book using notes, bookmarks and table of contents;
  • possesses full-screen reading mode in portrait and landscape orientation;
  • permits scrolling and turning pages in horizontal or vertical mode.

In order to handle the tool personally, just download KyBook for free from the App Store and install it onto your mobile gadget. The program supports the following formats: cbz, cbr, chm, djvu, pdf, rtf, txt, fb2, epub.

Format compatibility:

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