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ShortBook is a multifunctional e-reader for iOS, which supports a single book and text files format: fb2. One of the most notable peculiarities of the tool is that it fully applies the essential abilities of your iPhone.

Primary ShortBook features

Here is the short list of ShortBook unique functionalities and tricks:

  • perfect support of all books shared in fb2 format;
  • the tool contains everything you may need for comfortable and cozy reading process: unique text makeup, footnotes, figures and contents;
  • transparent and intuitive design makes the finding of the books quick and easy. After the searching, you may read the desired content with comfort and preferences;
  • a special night reading mode will adjust the color gamma to more saturated and in-time tones, and will be exclusively helpful for those who usually go to sleep in the late time;
  • Quick Bookmark feature provides the free browsing through a book;
  • miscellaneously, you may download any book you like via Wi-Fi, which is greatly implemented with the web-browser embedded service;
  • for the full coziness and reliability, the options for adjustment of font, its size, orientation, color and other corresponding elements are presented;
  • moreover, the program perfectly supports external dictionaries in XDXF format. Holding a finger over the appropriate word on the screen and tapping the button of applying search through dictionaries, in a bare second you will learn the meaning of an unknown word or phrase. You may return to the basic reading in an instance while tapping on the screen outside the area of the word, translated before.

The main disadvantage of the program tool is that it supports only a single text format: fb2. Nevertheless, if you usually prefer exclusively this specific extension, the app will favor you with a multitude of pleasant moments and will make your reading a true windfall. Just download ShortBook from the App Store and check it out yourself.

The free alternatives to the product: TotalReader, FBReader, KyBook.

Format compatibility:

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