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Aldiko Book Reader

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Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader is one of the most essential e-readers for Android on the market. It should be mentioned, that there are 2 versions of the product: premium paid and basic free. What concerns the differences between them is the Aldiko Book Reader Premium does not contain ads, gets faster update, exporting and importing annotations features, domestic widget, book cover editing, notes (for epub files) and highlights (for epub files only as well).

Primary Aldiko Book Reader features

Further the peculiarities of Aldiko Book Reader non-paid version will be described. Regarding the functionality, it contains the entire spectrum of abilities, which make the tool unique, delicious and jolly. Following the rest of modules, they do not differ absolutely:

  • Compatible with PDF, EPUB formats in linkage with Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks;
  • Full-scope support from public book collections and libraries;
  • Entirely configurable reading experience, adjustment of the font size, font type, background and typeface colors, line spacing, alignment, margin in addition to brightness to conform to the preferences as better as possible;
  • Friendly to the user design and signature: the project is perfectly working with both Android tablets and phones. You may generate your personal favorites in any chapter of the book, fast switching to the alternative category of the book through the contents;
  • Proficient library management system; you may freely import your own PDF and EPUB files into the application to read them during geo-position switching. Moreover, you may organize your eBooks by collections and tags.

If you want to get close experience with the utility, simply download it for free from the Google Play Store. The e-reader fully supports the following text standards: epub and pdf.

Format compatibility:

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