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Clearview is an easy-to-handle ebook reader for Mac OS with tons of authentic full-scale text formats support, equipped with library shelf. In the Clearview product you can do searching freely, insert bookmarks, make annotations and access your book collections, bookmarks and notes from any device.

Primary Clearview features

Comparing to the concurrent products, Clearview varies with a multitude of diverse tricks, that the project is eligible on. Lower the quick review of the most ultimate and outstanding peculiar abilities will be presented:

  • intuitive and easy management of the books. Simply drag the folders which contain e-book files from finder and drop them on the shelf. As a result, the info about all the files will be instantly imported into the library. After that you may read, search and browse the books from shelf with a single click;
  • intelligent and transparent preview of books;
  • drag and drop from finder or library in order to construct book collections;
  • the possibility for book meta info editing and changing book cover;
  • tabbed style window makes reading efficient and smooth;
  • powerful searching capabilities. You may find any required book very fast by the publisher, title, author, content and file name. You may search for specific texts in a book as well;
  • sorting of the search results by rank or by page;
  • popular book formats support with nearly the same perfect reading experiences;
  • thumbnails presentation of book pages;
  • text fonts customization (font family and size, line height);
  • each of the 4 book formats can be displayed in four reading layouts. Continuous scrolling or page flip, two columns or single page;
  • adjust page margin.

The utility supports the noted lower text extensions: cbr, cbz, fb2, mobi, chm, epub, pdf. If you want to get acquainted with the applet in more detailed way, just download Clearview from the official initiative page on App Store.

The free alternatives to the product: FBReader, Apple Pages, Amazon Kindle.

Format compatibility:

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