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PyBookReader is a plain text editor for Linux with basic abilities and functions. Comparing to other similar tools (CoolReader, OrnamentBook, AbiWord), the capabilities of this app are much simpler and more primitive. Nevertheless, if you require basic standard tool for creating and editing texts, PyBookReader is just what needed for the non-demanding user, who values simplicity and stability.

Primary PyBookReader features

Not so long ago PyBookReader project was combined with another standard utility for text editing for Linux called OrnamentBook. Since those times the spectrum of available functions was a little increased. Now the product can do the following things:

  • autoscrolling;
  • smooth scrolling;
  • saving of the position while quitting the program;
  • bookmarks;
  • grouping of the books on categories;
  • automatic encoding definition;
  • operations with the compressed files (currently only gzip);
  • the customization of the interline interval font/colors.

PyBookReader supports Linux and FreeBSD platforms only. Despite the fact that in the future releases the developers promise the compatibility with other operational systems, currently the quantity of compatible environments is quite small.

If you wish to dive deeper into the app functionality, download PyBookReader for free from the official site beforehand. The text editor supports the following file formats: txt, html, fb2.

Format compatibility:

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