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KDE Okular

Free App
KDE Okular

KDE Okular is a versatile applet for viewing documents from KDE desktop environment in Linux. It stands out as a successor to KPDF, and assigned to replace KDVI, KFaxView, KFax, KGhostView viewers in KDE of version 4, in order to reach versatility while viewing different graphical formats. The KDE Okular program allows to attach miscellaneous plugins, thanks to which the extension of supported file formats list becomes possible.

Primary KDE Okular features

The function of Okular notes allows to add commentaries to PDF-documents, highlight text and draw lines, geometrical shapes, add inscriptions and stamps. The notes can be stored discretely from unchanged PDF-file or can be saved into a document as standard PDF-notes. The text can be extracted into a text file. It is possible to select the part of the document and copy text and images into clipboard. Other features include reading text aloud via .lovie, cutting of borders, white pages and saving of the bookmarks.

KDE Okular supports a wide variety of various formats, including the electronic documents and image formats. A range of diverse functions and capabilities are available for these formats operations. Here is the brief list of them:

  • opening;
  • drawing;
  • multi-stream drawing;
  • the details regarding the document;
  • contents;
  • the details about the fonts;
  • extraction of the text;
  • links;
  • printing;
  • annotations;
  • forms;
  • reverse search;
  • the restrictions of the document;
  • embedded files;
  • sounds.

If you want to get access to ultimate app functionality and try using it personally, just download KDE Okular for free from the repository. The product is compatible with the following text extensions: pdf, chm, djvu, xps, odt, cbr, cbz, epub, mobi.

Format compatibility:

Download KDE Okular