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OrnamentBook is an analogue for ToM Reader app for Linux platform. It has the similar features and capabilities, and in addition works on Unix and FreeBSD. Comparing to previous releases of the tool, a few additions have been made to OrnamentBook: at first the capability appeared to move to the required chapter with the assistance of new “content” menu. Miscellaneously, the feature of using gradient as a background has been added.

Primary OrnamentBook features

The program tool includes pretty wide set of functionalities, including the following:

  • the noted further file formats are supported: doc, docx, html, rtf, txt. Moreover, all of the defined extensions are opened as a plain text;
  • the following encodings are supported: OEM, KOI, ANSI;
  • the skins of the JPG (JFIF) format are supported additionally;
  • the size of the opened file is 12 MB as maximum;
  • the functional elements of the applet allow to generate MP3-files right from the text;
  • the internal modules are equipped with speech synthesizer TTS;
  • perfectly handles the ZIP-archives;
  • successfully interacts with personal book catalogue.

The OrnamentBook app is peculiar with wide assortment of settings. You may customize color and size of the font. Moreover, the function of searching over the text exists in the project. The choice of highlighting and background type is suggested as an option.

This utility is one of the most popular e-readers on Linux, as far as it is able to open pretty large variety of formats. What the tool really lacks i autoscrolling options. If you schedule to deal with the product closer, just download OrnamentBook for free from the depository and enjoy its enriched modular structure and huge range of abilities. The tool supports the following text formats: docx, doc, html, rtf and txt.

Format compatibility:

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