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ToM Reader

Free App
ToM Reader

ToM Reader is a program tool for reading electronic texts in the mostly accustomed way – as an ordinary book. In addition, the utility allows to playback the texts by using speech synthesizer. The ToM Reader is a freeware applet, and is distributed following the principle “as is”.

Primary ToM Reader features

ToM Reader is an app, which is peculiar due to several typical abilities, making the product special and outstanding:

  • the support (as a text) of the doc, docx, html, rtf and txt formats;
  • operations with the text in Win, Dos, Koi encodings;
  • operations with the text in ZIP-archives;
  • automatic definition of the encodings, used in a document;
  • the skin-technology, accessible to everyone (GIF, JPEG);
  • the support of the speech synthesizer (reading texts aloud - TTS);
  • creation and attachment of the spelling dictionaries;
  • search in the text;
  • qualitatively designed visualization of the texts;
  • handling of the files, sized up to 12 MB.

The program tool supports speech synthesizer via using the Speech API libraries from Microsoft. In order to use this functionality, you need to install the Speech API and voice modules (engines) for appropriate languages. The utility is very simple and intuitive and will perfectly suit for any user categories: from novices to Pro and IT-segment.

If you wish to use the project on your PC, download ToM Reader for free from the official page and install the distributive on the hard drive, using the wizard. The process is absolutely logical and straightforward, so you won’t encounter any obstacles or barriers while bringing this approach into daily life. The reading module of the utility entirely supports doc, docx, rtf, html and txt file extensions.

Format compatibility:

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