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BookSeer is an interesting app for reading electronic books, which is simultaneously has a direct relation to the database. At the same time, the database can be used not only for books, but also for video- and music collections, as well as the gatherings of plain paper books in BookSeer.

Primary BookSeer features

The database is the edge-stone of the BookSeer application. Even if it contains the large quantity of records, it works quickly and with high degree of stability anyway. As we already mentioned earlier, the user may fill in any types of files into the database, whereas they can be called directly from the data source. Nevertheless, the base may link even to the files, which are containable into archives – the program will open them as well. In addition, the product allows to perform appropriate actions over the files themselves: copying, renaming, moving, etc.

Miscellaneously, BookSeer opens electronic books and fluently displays the text, even if it was saved in non-standard encoding. In order to fulfill this approach, the applet automatically decodes text into WIN-format. Powerful search filters allow to find the required info or link to the file in bare seconds. If you desire, you may omit filling in the links into the database, using the storage discretely, just for structuring the info. In such a way, the program is positioned on the market as a versatile means for opening files in most text formats, suitable for any user categories.

If you are going to use the applet more often, preliminarily download BookSeer for free from any of the external mirrors, as far as the official web-page of the project is not available currently. The product fully supports the noted lower text files’ extensions: txt, rtf, html, doc and docx.

Format compatibility:

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