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ICE Book Reader

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ICE Book Reader

ICE Book Reader is a powerful, freeware e-reader. Among the privileges of the ICE Book Reader tool are the multitude of recognized text formats; advanced book collection management system, the capability to translate the text into audio- and video-files.

A few special words should be said about the convenience of books reading process in the utility. Depending on the screen type, power of the system or personal user preferences there is an optional selection between fluent (super-fluent, wave) scrolling and the mode of automatic or manual turning. The ICE Book Reader automatically identifies and sets up recommended speed of scrolling or turning.

Primary ICE Book Reader features

Among the essential program product capabilities are:

  • smoothing of the text;
  • special highlighting of first letters in the beginning of each paragraph and subtitles. That helps to notice the reference points during reading;
  • “Book” mode, which allows to displays 1,2,3 or more pages near to each other;
  • reading of the books from a long distance;
  • converting of the file formats between each other;
  • ICE Book Reader is able to read files directly from the zip, rar, arj, lzh, ha-archives;
  • storing and maintaining library of about 250.000 books. Automatic sorting of the book collection;
  • ICE Book Reader makes possible the viewing of text files with size of over 16-128 GB without notable delays;
  • special search mode provides incredibly fast moves through the text, with the speed of scrolling about 30 pages per second;
  • the full-scope support of reading aloud, using Speech API SAPI 4.0 and SAPI 5.1;
  • the creation of audiobooks in mp3 or wav-formats;
  • the creation of video-books, which can be read using any DVD-player.

If you expect to use the tool on the daily basis, at first download ICE Book Reader for free from the official project page and install the tool using the installation wizard. The applet supports the noted further text formats: txt, html, xml, rtf, docx, doc, pdb, prc, tcr, lit, chm and fb2.

Download ICE Book Reader