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Free App

fb2edit is a free open-source editor, designed for the creation of electronic books in FB2-format. The fb2edit tool provides full list of functions for full-fledged handling with books. Supports embedding of illustrations, footnotes and hyperlinks.

With the assistance of fb2edit you may review the structure of the book and manage it. You may edit the book content and fix encountered errors, insert and replace illustrations. Besides, fb2edit allows to edit metadata in the title of the book, as well as XML-code of the book directly.

Primary fb2edit features

Miscellaneously, fb2edit supports formatting and styles of the text, in analogue with text processors. Also the feature of searching in the book content (search and replace) is available. The editing of electronic book is possible in visual (GUI) and text mode, as well as via the XML-editing directly. The tool is available for both Windows and Linux platforms. What concerns the last mentioned OS, the packages for Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Mandriva, openSUSE and Gentoo distributives are accessible.

Now, a few words about disadvantages of the utility. The developer has still left a few open gaps in the tool operation. For example, if you do anything wrong with the FB2-content editing, you may lose the whole text. That’s why you should always save the backup of the book before any manipulations (especially, in the XML-editor). We may keep hoping, that in the future updates all encountered bugs will be fixed.

If you desire to keep working with the package further, you need first to download fb2edit for free, and after that all the functionalities of the tool will be accessible to you directly. The project supports editing and opening of the books in fb2 format exceptionally.

Format compatibility:

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