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Fiction Book Designer

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Fiction Book Designer

Fiction Book Designer is a user-friendly intuitive text editor for the books, stored in FB2-format. With this tool you may modify tons of additional parameters: font size and type, annotations, footnotes, indentations, tags, keywords, metadata and other. Among the other similar toolsets (FictionBook Editor, fb2edit) the Fiction Book Designer package is distinguished by the easiness of basic operations handling, control and workflow approach.

Primary Fiction Book Designer features

It’s really easy and simple to control and maintain the Fiction Book Designer actions. After installing and first launch of the product in the primary editor form the small sample text with slight instructions appears. If we already have our own text, load it via File -> Open Book upper menu and start formatting.

Each of the masterpieces starts with the title. Click on the line with title (it will be highlighted), after that with right click we call context menu (or Format menu) and select the option Book title. In such a way, we define the title of FB2-book in tags.

In order to see all FB2-book tags, we click [FB2] button. Save the applied changes and check the content in new opened Make Fiction Book File form. In the Book title field, the title should be defined, which we have just selected. In the similar way we fill in other most important parts of the text, for instance, the chapter titles, subtitles, annotation, etc.

Thus, we fill in data about author, genre, the issue date, serial number and other relevant info. If you want to deal with the app personally, simply download Fiction Book Designer for free, and right after that you may start using the project immediately. The applet is compatible with fb2 extension only. The product is absolutely intuitive and straightforward, so you won’t encounter any problems with it while using.

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