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FictionBook Editor

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FictionBook Editor

FictionBook Editor is a professional text editor of common well-known book format fb2, which has become the widely-spread standard for all editing apps. The FictionBook Editor utility is equipped with enormous functional part and additional scripts for qualitative editing of the existing book or creating of a new one.

Primary FictionBook Editor features

Thanks to several peculiar functions, the app has gained its popularity all over the world. Here are some of the features, typical for the program:

  • the product possesses large structure, but due to displaying of the interface on several languages, including English, it’s quite easy to perform any actions;
  • as in any other editor, you can modify the book appearance (font type, its size, etc.);
  • you can insert images of such formats, as GIF, TIF, JPEG, JPG, BMP and PNG, quotes, tables, lyrics as well as add binary files, links and footnotes;
  • the presence of pretty large list of functions and huge toolset for editing of the existing books and adding of new ones;
  • the availability of special scripts for editing;
  • you may search for particular text fragments, fix errors (the utility performs the spell checking and after that suggests several word versions for fixing of the selected error);
  • the function of book source code editing is present;
  • you may modify basic data regarding the book, such as: title, genre, information about author, the issue date, serial number, keywords.

During new book creation there is a chance to create full variant of the book with such structure elements, as epigraph, annotation and the text itself. If you schedule to get acquainted with the tool closer, just download FictionBook Editor for free from the official web-page. The utility supports operations with fb2 format only.

Format compatibility:

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