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STDU Viewer

Free App
STDU Viewer

STDU Viewer is a freeware electronic documents’ viewer, which successfully handles all appropriate formats, widely used in a contemporary media world. The STDU Viewer app is peculiar thanks to its simple common interface and is inferior to its competitors in visual part and basic capabilities. Nevertheless, this e-reader is absolutely free for domestic, educational and non-commercial usage and does not contain any ads or banners.

Primary STDU Viewer features

The utility differs from the other products on the market with several individual abilities, which make the product so varied and unique. Here are all of them, described in a list:

  • the program possesses multi-document interface with tabs for several documents viewing simultaneously;
  • it displays page thumbnails on the side bar;
  • the utility allows to create its own bookmarks;
  • additionally, it makes possible the brightness, contrast adjustment, as well as color gamma during the document representation. Also it corrects the thumbnails contrast automatically;
  • in order to view text documents, the font, its size and color is set up in the application settings. In addition, the rules for paragraphs presentation are identified;
  • the program supports three types of search on the text layer. All search results are displayed as a list;
  • The STDU Viewer interface has a localization on several languages;
  • The tool allows to turn the pages in a document with 90 degrees interval, which can be especially comfortable for reading the text from the monitor with portrait orientation;
  • The product is capable to print documents, as well as most print-protected PDF files.

Just download STDU Viewer for free from the official site and witness the app abilities with your own eyes. The program set is compatible with the noted lower text extensions: pdf, djvu, xps, fb2, txt, tcr, pdb, mobi, azw, epub, cbr and cbz.

Format compatibility:

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