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FBReader is a fast, easily and simply customized app for reading electronic books, based on the Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android and iOS platforms. FBReader is one of the most popular e-readers on the market, as far as it is constantly under development and progress due to the new technologies appearance and advancement and their implementation into the daily life and consequently into the program tool.

Primary FBReader features

FBReader is differentiable thanks to the modern abilities and functions presence. Here is their short description and basic review:

  • a very wide range of supported formats, which make this particular utility especially unique and diverse. FBReader supports all text extensions, including MS Word, html, plain text, comics, PDF and DjVu;
  • FBReader offers the compatible interface for the plugins creation. In such a way, several capabilities are implemented by other developers. The largest popularity has been gained by the additional module for automatic reading aloud;
  • the applet supports synchronization with FBReader book network, cloud storage, which is currently locating on Google Drive. Due to personal desire the following features can be turned in: synchronization of the books, sync of the reading positions, syncing of the bookmarks;
  • the program tool is reading the books directly from zip-archives;
  • sorts books in the library following the titles, authors, series and so on;
  • picturesque view for the library (book shelf);
  • gives direct access to well-known network libraries and shops;
  • allows to add personal ODPS-catalogues;
  • allows to attach personal OpenType/TrueType fonts;
  • the interface is translated on over 29 languages.

If you wish to deal with the tool on your own, just download FBReader for free from the official web-page. The utility supports the following extensions: epub, mobi, fb2, fb3, rtf, html, docx, doc, txt, pdf, djvu, cbz, cbr (via the attached additionally modules), fbz, azw, epub3, azw3.

Download FBReader