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Haali Reader

Free App
Haali Reader

Haali Reader is a freeware program for the reading of electronic books. Haali Reader is a first e-reader for FictionBook format, which made the format really popular and well-known all over the world.

Haali Reader allows to read electronic documents, especially books, in XML and TXT-formats, partly FB2 and others. In addition to above, you may set up text write out considering the user preferences and integrate dictionaries.

Primary Haali Reader features

The Haali Reader app contains a range of internal functions, which make the tool so varied and outstanding. Here they are:

  • the reading of text files and files in XML format;
  • partly support of fb2-format (with the exception of tables support, text styles, footnotes to images, links on the images);
  • the support of cyrillics and automatic or manual encoding recognition;
  • the saving of current position in the book in case the app is turned off;
  • the viewing of the images in the documents of XML-format;
  • the support of ClearType technology;
  • the function of font type selection, its size, indentation, interval;
  • the capability to set up the color of the utility, the creation of themes;
  • the ability to search starting from the current position in the text;
  • Lingvo 12 support, the capability to attach external dictionaries;
  • automatic setting up of hyphens in Russian texts;
  • the ability to manage bookmarks, table of contents;
  • demonstration of text in several columns;
  • the viewing of PDB/PRC files (without HTML-support);
  • the reading of the files directly from Zip-archives;
  • customized auto-scrolling.

If you want to apply the described program tool in daily work, simply download Haali Reader for free from any of the outsource servers, as far as the official web-site of the project is not available anymore. The app supports the files with the noted further text extensions: txt, xml, fb2, prc, pdb.

Format compatibility:

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