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Files: Document & PDF Viewer

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Files: Document & PDF Viewer

Files: Document & PDF Viewer is a plain docs viewer for iOS platform, which supports opening of the most widely spread file formats, including PDF. With Files: Document & PDF Viewer app you may easily transfer the docs from any PC or Mac. The program is perfectly consistent with images and iWork, as well as with Office and PDF files. Additionally, you may download from the internet, access your cloud storage (the tool is closely integrated with OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and Box), watch movies and play music via the utility.

Primary Files: Document & PDF Viewer features

Here is the review of most outstanding mobile applet features and functionalities:

  • transferring of the docs over Wi-Fi using Windows Explorer, Finder or your mostly preferred web-browser;
  • all the files can be accessed remotely and secured with the password;
  • PDF reader is easily opening large-sized docs, including horizontal and vertical page layouts;
  • fast and clear zoom into images or text regions with simple double-tap;
  • the last zoom level and viewed page will be remembered while handling the file objects;
  • the full support of password protected PDFs;
  • images and documents are all displayed in fullscreen mode, in landscape or portrait orientation. Pan and zoom capability via the default swipe and pinch gestures;
  • the playback of movies and music using custom media players, embedded into the viewer.

Important note: the program has a file capacity limit up to 200 MB. In addition, the ad banners are displayed. In order to remove these limitations, the Pro-version has to be purchased.

In order to get acquainted with the mobile app tricks & hints, simply download Files: Document & PDF Viewer for free from App Store and install it on you iPhone, iPad or iPod. The product supports the noted file extensions: doc, docx, pdf, rtf, html, txt.

Format compatibility:

Download Files: Document & PDF Viewer