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Apple Preview

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Apple Preview

Apple Preview is the PDF and image viewer, fully compatible with macOS platform. The program allows users to print and view Portable Document Format and digital image files. In its operations, Apple Preview applies Core Image and ImageIO frameworks, the Quartz graphics layer, the Aqua graphical user interface and Apple’s implementation of the PDF specification.

Primary Apple Preview features

The product is distinctive thanks to some peculiar features, which are precisely described further:

  • Conforming to OS X 10.9.2 status, the project does not successfully handle ISO- standardized PDFs. In such a way, during saving of the document, it destroys elements and markup of PDF objects without any warning to the user;
  • The utility is also capable to restrict the PDF documents usage and encrypt them. For instance, the user may save an encrypted PDF. As a result, a password is needed in order to obtain any data from the PDF-file, or to print it. At the same time, encrypted PDF-file objects are not eligible for editing. Thus, the author should maintain the unencrypted version of the document;
  • miscellaneously, Preview contains several advanced features, accessible only in commercial PDF editing software. For instance, the user is eligible to extract multi-page or single-page documents (i.e. PDFs), drag & drop multiple or single pages between a few opened multi-page docs, or, otherwise, into other apps, like attaching to an opened email message. Moreover, the user may sort pages, as an example.

If you desire to look closer at the app individual abilities and features, try to download Apple Preview for free from any of the external web-servers. Otherwise, the program is included into mac OS distributive package, so you may install it right from the shell. The utility supports the mentioned below text formats: docx, dotx, pdf.

Format compatibility:

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