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OxygenOffice Professional Writer

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OxygenOffice Professional Writer

OxygenOffice Professional Writer is a branch of OpenOffice Writer free text editor, which is an open-source cross-platform office productivity suite. OxygenOffice Professional Writer is compatible with Windows and Linux environments. In comparison with OpenOffice Writer, the described word processor contains more extras like VBA support, fonts, samples, cliparts and templates. Basically, OxygenOffice Professional is a modification of OpenOffice source, and suggests several enhancements and innovations which make the product really unique and authentic.

The described application includes a few extras, that differ this utility from a range of competitors. Here are all of them presented:

  • high degree of compatibility with MS Office documents;
  • the product is available for all major languages, including French, German, Spanish and Italian;
  • more than 3400 graphics are included into OxygenOffice Professional package, both photos and clip art. These images are closely integrated into the gallery and can be imported into any OxygenOffice document with just a couple of mouse clicks;
  • in addition, several sample documents and templates are included into the project, as well as over 90 fonts. All of these extras like graphics, fonts and templates are absolutely free both for professional or personal usage;
  • miscellaneously, you may embed additional tools like OOoWikipedia, with the assistance of which you may search the most famous free on-line encyclopedia.

Download OxygenOffice Professional Writer for free, if you schedule to check out the project abilities and functions personally and enjoy the program usage and application in daily work. The package supports the following text extensions: docx, doc, odt, wps.

Format compatibility:

Download OxygenOffice Professional Writer