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Moon+ Reader

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Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader is a freeware e-reader for Android with huge range of settings and comfortable interface. The project is compatible with the most widely used text formats, so most probably you will be able to open your individual electronic book file via Moon+ Reader. First of all, the enormous advantage of the program in comparison with the analogues - thousands of free e-books are available in the app library. If that is not enough for you, the applet additionally supports online-libraries (OPDS). Moreover, fluent page turning and other graphical effects make the usage of the product an especially pleasant process, which will definitely reflect on your preferences and favours.

Primary Moon+ Reader features

The described further peculiarities make the e-reader so attractable and successful:

  • The display configuration: the size of the intervals between individual words, type and size of the font – bold, italic, shadowed etc.;
  • More than 10 predefined themes, including day-time and night-time modes;
  • The customization of the actions for page turning: touch-screen, the volume button, the camera button, the search button and Back;
  • 24 pre-customized operations (touch-screen, swipe-gestures, hardware buttons), including 15 pre-assigned actions: search, bookmarks, themes, navigation, font size and others;
  • The customization of brightness and font size with simple finger swipe in selected screen zone, the gestures control;
  • Intellectual paragraphs transfer, indentations, the removal of extensive spacebars and indentations;
  • The warnings configuration during prolonged reading in order to provide the eyes safety;
  • Bookshelf: favorites, downloaded books, sorting by authors and tags, book cover, the search and addition of the books from SD-card.

If you desire to handle with the applet personally, download Moon+ Reader for free from the Google Play store. The e-reader is compatible with the following file extensions: txt, html, epub, pdf, mobi, fb2, chm, cbr, cbz and epub3.

Format compatibility:

Download Moon+ Reader