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Apple TextEdit

Free App
Apple TextEdit

Apple TextEdit is a basic, freeware text editor for Mac OS X, distributed on open-source model. For the first time the tool was presented as a component of OpenStep and NeXTSTEP platforms from NeXT company. Currently it is included into the basic package of macOS system. As an addition, the project is also ported on a plenty of Unix-like operating systems, like Linux. Moreover, it is empowered by Apple Advanced Typography and in comparison with similar apps varies by a lot of advanced typography functions.

Primary Apple TextEdit features

The presented word processor is saturated with non-standard essential functionalities, which make TextEdit really outstanding and interesting. Further we will describe several of them:

  • Perfect compatibility with all contemporary file formats. The program tool is capable to handle the plain-text files, RTF and HTML formats, as well as classic DOC and Word XML files in addition to OpenDocument Text and Open Office XML documents;
  • Starting from 10.6 build and up to the most modern releases the function of automatic spelling correction was added, as well as the support of text transformations and data detectors;
  • In 10.7 version the versioning of files has been implemented in addition to Autosave feature, which is similar to iOS platform;
  • The justification and inclusion of graphics and other multimedia elements into the text;
  • Formatted text handling;
  • Ability to write and read a wide variety of character encodings, including Unicode (UTF-8 and UTF-16);
  • Automatic adjustment of word spacing and letter spacing.

In order to get personal experience of dealing with the tool, simply download Apple TextEdit for free from any of the external servers. Another option is to find the appropriate package in your Mac OS X distributive and install it from the shell. The utility perfectly supports the noted further file extensions: txt, ascii, log, ltr, readme, text, odt, html, htm, asc, 1st, ans, apt, chart, chord, crwl, diz, err, faq, dsc, gthr, hht, klg, lst, man, me, nfo, now, openbsd, rpt, rtx, sms, sub, unx, utf8, vnt, wtx, xdl.