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KWrite is one of the simplest and most lightweight cross-platform text editors on KDE environment. The utility is compatible with Linux/Unix, Windows and Mac OS X platforms. KWrite is based on the KATE text editor and the special technology named KDE KParts. Basically, it allows KWrite to use much of KATE’s functionalities. Additionally, KWrite is differentiated by intuitive user-friendly native interface with pleasantly made controls and buttons. Also KWrite can be configured due to user preferences.

Primary KWrite features

KWrite is enriched with miscellaneous peculiar abilities, which provide extended functionality. Here is the list of several of them:

  • Vi input mode;
  • Multi-document interface (MDI);
  • Plugin support;
  • Session support;
  • Network transparency (open remote files);
  • Auto-indentation;
  • Word completion;
  • Syntax highlight correspondingly to the file type (250 unique languages);
  • Export to PostScript, PDF and HTML formats;
  • Code folding;
  • Block selection mode;
  • Smart on-the-fly spell checking;
  • End-of-line mode selection (Macintosh, Windows, Unix);
  • Encoding selection;
  • Incremental search, also known as “find as you type”;
  • Regular expression compatibility;
  • Bookmarks;
  • Search & replace in multiple files stored on disk or opened file objects.

As a conclusion, it is worth to be noted, that KWrite perfectly handles backups on save and maintains the undo/redo system.

KWrite is compatible with mentioned further file extensions: txt, ascii, log, ltr, readme, text, asc, 1st, ans, apt, chart, chord, crwl, diz, err, faq, dsc, gthr, hht, klg, lst, man, me, nfo, now, openbsd, rpt, rtx, sms, sub, unx, utf8, vnt, wtx, xdl. If you are looking forward to try using the word processor personally, just download KWrite for free from the official source page and install it on your computer, based on Linux/Unix, Windows, or Mac OS X.