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Leafpad is a simple, lightweight and fast GTK+ text editor for Unix-like platforms with minor dependencies from the external libraries. One of the most notable advantages of the tool is that it is capable literally instantly to open text files of largest size. The word processor almost does not contain additional settings and does not support extensibility with plugins. Primarily, Leafpad will perfectly suit for those of traditional users, who need to perform simple editing of the text.

Primary Leafpad features

Leafpad program tool considerably differs from another similar utilities on the noted further points:

  • In comparison with other text editors for Linux, Leafpad is working much faster;
  • The Leafpad interface is close visually to the interface of standard Windows-text editor. In such a way, even the newbie users won’t feel any discomfort while applying it in the daily work;
  • While new text file is opened in Leafpad, his encoding is automatically identified absolutely correctly;
  • Leafpad performs the division of words, displays the line numbers, and applies the automatic indentation;
  • The function of search and replace is available in the opened file;
  • In Leafpad the drag-and-drop of the text feature is supported, i.e. you may select the part of the text and drag it to the defined location;
  • The capability of page preview before printing is successfully implemented in the project;
  • The Leafpad program tool can be installed in such operational systems, as Linux, FreeBSD and Maemo.

Among the disadvantages of the utility is the absence of syntax highlight and the capability of non- printed (system) symbols display.

For close acquaintance with the app abilities, just download Leafpad for free from the official web-resource. This product is compatible with noted further file formats: txt, ascii, log, ltr, odm, readme, text, asc, 1st, ans, apt, chart, chord, crwl, diz, err, faq, dsc, gthr, hht, klg, lst, man, me, nfo, now, openbsd, rpt, rtx, sms, sub, unx, utf8, vnt, wtx, xdl.