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EmEditor Text Editor Professional

EmEditor Text Editor Professional

EmEditor Text Editor Professional is a powerful multifunctional word-processor for Windows, which is distributed on the shareware model. The developer offers two versions of the product: Free (works only 30 days) and Professional (paid). Free package offers absolutely the same functionality package, as the EmEditor Text Editor Professional build with the only exception: with Free release you won’t obtain technical support by e-mail, as when buying the Pro-package.

Primary EmEditor Text Editor Professional features

EmEditor Text Editor Professional is an ideal choice for developers, HTML-designers, editors or publishers. Any of those users will find everything they nee

  • The comparison of documents content (line-by-line);
  • Regular expressions;
  • Configurations;
  • Syntax highlighting;
  • Multithreaded performance;
  • Easy handling of files up to 248 GB with sort optimization;
  • Split/combine files;
  • Quick launch;
  • Fully customizable interface;
  • Tabbed design;
  • Integration with external tools/plugins;
  • Scriptable, powerful macros;
  • 64-bit platform compatibility;
  • Multiple encoding conversions;
  • Portability with corresponding customization.

Finally, another advantage of the utility is that it is perfectly optimized for multi-core CPUs. This is especially reflected on basic operations with large files (viewing, opening and editing).

In order to witness the product versatility and powerful abilities just download EmEditor Text Editor Professional from official web-site, or try the Free package as a first-glance acquaintance. The program tool supports the noted further extensions: txt, htm, html, ascii, log, ltr, odm, readme, text, asc, 1st, ans, apt, chart, chord, crwl, diz, err, faq, dsc, gthr, hht, klg, lst, man, me, nfo, now, openbsd, rpt, rtx, sms, sub, unx, utf8, vnt, wtx, xdl.

Download EmEditor Text Editor Professional