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Free App

Notepad2 is a freeware open-source project, which serves to facilitate the interaction between the user and program shell during the text editing. Notepad2 is very simple project, and doesn’t contain any special exclusive functions or abilities. The app is being developed on the volunteer basis, so everyone can involve and contribute making some code changes or bug searching.

Primary Notepad2 features

The product is not saturated with any special features, but here are the most essential and important of them:

  • syntax highlighting with the selection of several programming languages: Lua, NSIS, Ruby;
  • the addition of external extensions which make the operability of the program more precise and extensive;
  • code folding, which is a great feature for web-developers indeed;
  • bookmarks in the text. This function will suit for those, who handle with large texts or code pieces and would like to make tags during the editing.

You may omit the installation of the product, by simply copying the program files into the appropriate folder and run the product by double click on the executive file. This method will perfectly suit for those users, who prefer to install the apps without applying the installation wizard.

If you download Notepad2 for free from the official web-page, you will check out the simple and easy approach to text editing and writing code process as well. The text editor is compatible with the following file formats: txt, htm, html, ascii, log, ltr, odm, readme, text, asc, 1st, ans, apt, chart, chord, crwl, diz, err, faq, dsc, gthr, hht, klg, lst, man, me, nfo, now, openbsd, rpt, rtx, sms, sub, unx, utf8, vnt, wtx, xdl.