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iFile is a multi-functional file manager for iOS, which combines full value file operations, powerful web-browser, pleasant player in addition to viewer of all known currently file formats. iFile supports all screen types both for iPad and iPhone gadgets.

Primary iFile features

The file manager possesses a lot of inspirational features, which should be mentioned further:

  • copying, moving, renaming, compression, deletion and sorting of the files;
  • transferring of the objects through W-Fi (via web-server) and Bluetooth;
  • file sharing via e-mail, Dropbox or iCloud, as well as through the other applets;
  • saving of the images and videos to the gallery;
  • presenting of the image thumbnails.

Moreover, iFile contains an internal PDF-reader, which is capable to perform the following tasks:

  • comfortable page viewing;
  • fast rendering, as well as huge PDFs;
  • instant page navigation;
  • bookmarks and preview thumbnails of the pages;
  • the capability to print and send the objects via e-mail.

As a conclusion, the manager differs by several extended functionalities, like customized multi- touch gestures and close support of local notifications.

No doubt, iFile is not an accustomed e-reader. Nevertheless, it combines both file manager abilities and reader functions, that makes this all-in-one product a versatile solution for fulfilling any required purposes, related to file viewing and management.

The described project supports any files with the following extensions: doc, docx, pdf, pages, txt, rtf, htm, html, xml. Try to download iFile from official App Store site. As a result, you will find a must-have product for daily usage.

Free alternatives to the product: Apple Pages, TotalReader, Docs To Go

Format compatibility:

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