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Hancom Thinkfree Office Viewer

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Hancom Thinkfree Office Viewer

Hancom Thinkfree Office Viewer is another convenient contemporary viewer, released on Android. The application allows to open and view the MS Office related documents and PDF files from single location. Hancom Thinkfree Office Viewer contains user-friendly intuitive design and transparent interface. Due to this fact, the applet will suit for any user type, regardless of his former usability experience.

Primary Hancom Thinkfree Office Viewer features

This program tool contains some differences in comparison with another document viewers, available on Android OS. They are noted in the list further:

  • cozy and qualitative app shell, which allows to open all the files, stored in the mobile gadget memory from single source;
  • high variety of formats and extensions, supported by the program;
  • pleasant color gamma, designed in the actual Web 2.0 traditions and shell;
  • full compatibility with all Android versions, starting from Android 4.4 and up to 7.0.

In general, the applet is very easy to use and get acquainted with. Another great significant contribution is low system requirements and package size, that will definitely be evaluated by the owners of not quite powerful Android smartphones and tablets.

This mobile utility supports the noted here file extensions: doc, docx, pdf. If you schedule to install the product on your mobile device, download Hancom Thinkfree Office Viewer for free from official Google Play store preliminarily. As a result, you will get all-in-one tool with fit viewing modules and severe level of compatibility.

Format compatibility:

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