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Docs Viewer

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Docs Viewer

Docs Viewer is a plain multi-format viewer on Android. Docs Viewer app is compatible with a multitude of formats, both popular and rare. For its operations the applet applies Google Docs service, which allows to quickly open and view files directly in the program shell, including MS Office objects and PDF files. One important note, which concerns the app peculiarities: for correct utility operations the connection to Internet is required as obligatory condition.

Primary Docs Viewer features

Further the list of especial program features and abilities is described:

  • opening any files, which are related to MS Office suite, OpenDocument format and WordPerfect extensions;
  • close integration with Android web-browser, e-mail clients, file managers, and cloud services (such as Google Drive);
  • the limit of the files size being sent from your Android device is defined as 10 Mb. The size of the file objects, being delivered from other sources, can be considerably larger;
  • pleasant and customized design, developed with the highest industry standards and trends;
  • the relevant level of compatibility;
  • the actual business-logic, related to fast and efficient file handling and manager operability.

One largest disadvantage of the app is that the user cannot edit and save modifications made with the files. Nevertheless, it doesn’t decrease the severe preferences over the other similar program packages, available on Android OS.

If you desire to pay more attention to the applet, just download Docs Viewer for free from Google Play market and try using the tool personally. The Docs Viewer app supports the files of the following extensions: docx, doc, pdf, odt, sxw, sdw, wdp, rtf and cbz.

Format compatibility:

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