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AlReader is an electronic reader for books, comics and other fiction and non-fiction literature for Android smartphones and tablets. The AlReader program is compatible with all the popular file formats and allows to read the books, stored with any widely-spread extension.

Primary AlReader features

The app is compatible with any Android OS version, starting from Android 1.6 Donut. Also it has TTS-support (in order to provide the TTS stop during the call the appropriate rights are required for access to the function). Additionally the network libraries (ODPS) are supported as well.

Here is the list of essential AlReader features:

  • local library with the ability to select authors, series, titles, genres, year of publication, language of the work and other characteristics;
  • the selection of the corresponding file encoding, including code pages 950, 949, 936 and 932;
  • the support of external dictionaries;
  • the editing of fb2 and txt-files;
  • the capability to set code page for file names in the zip-archive;
  • correct porting of about 20 languages;
  • four color profiles with independent configuration of fonts, colors, screen brightness, gamma-correction of the text, text indentations;
  • the search in the text;
  • autoscrolling (“wave” and “smooth”);
  • 3D scrolling animation;
  • index in fb2, doc and epub;
  • the capability to hold the screen highlight (up to 20 minutes in inactivity).

If you would like to check up the applet functionality for yourself, simply download AlReader for free from the Google Play official Android store. The program supports the noted further file extensions: fb2, fb3, txt, ePub (without DRM-protection), doc, docx, odt, rtf, html, mobi (without DRM), prc, tcr.

Download AlReader