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Free App

FullReader is a multifunctional application for reading the electronic books, viewing PDF and DjVu- files, comic books, as well as listening the audiobooks and handling with the documents on gadgets, based on Android OS. The FullReader program supports all the popular widely-spread formats and will become indispensable assistant for getting acquainted with the masterpieces of modern and classic literature.

Primary FullReader features

Here come the essential app features:

  • perfect compatibility. The applet supports more than 15 mostly used file formats;
  • pleasant intuitive interface with 4 authentic themes (“marble wall”, “light wood”, “red wood” and “material design”);
  • support of 5 languages (English, French, German, Russian and Ukrainian);
  • customization of highlighting with the mouse gesture at the left edge of the screen;
  • 3 variants of pages thumbing, including 3D-animation of page shift;
  • various combinations of backgrounds during the reading with the ability to add your own variants (in order to do this you need to copy the background files into the /sdcard/wallpapers folder);
  • 12 available fonts with wide capabilities of settings customization and addition of new TTF/OTF fonts (place the corresponding files into the fonts/sdcard/fonts folder, and then pick the required one in the settings);
  • night and day-time reading modes;
  • the tap-zones configuration for quick access to important functions;
  • the creation of bookmarks and color tags in the book;
  • the reminding configuration during the prolonged reading.

In addition to all of these, the e-reader contains embedded search engine, which allows to quickly find in the book the required text fragment. Also the applet has internal translator on 5 languages, including French and German. The users may attach additional dictionaries.

If you want to make attempt using the app, just download FullReader for free from the Google Play store. The utility supports the following extensions: ePub, fb2, txt, docx, doc, rtf, odt, xps, cbr, cbz, DjVu, html, mobi.

Download FullReader