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Planamesa NeoOffice Viewer

Free App
Planamesa NeoOffice Viewer

Planamesa NeoOffice Viewer is a free program, which is capable to open, edit and print text documents in MS Word, OpenDocument and other popular formats. The tool can boldly be called an analogue of Microsoft Word Viewer for Mac. NeoOffice Viewer is basically a cut version of open-source project OpenOffice proprietary fork, developed in order to conform to the growing requirements of the modern IT-society and ordinary users. The main differences between NeoOffice Viewer and its ancestor is high adaptation over Mac OS X system and closer integration with accustomed system interface.

Primary Planamesa NeoOffice Viewer features

NeoOffice delivers basically the same abilities comparing to Microsoft Office Viewer app:

  • the usage of embedded into Mac OS X Java language;
  • the support of Aqua-themed menu;
  • close integration with the e-mail and Finder;
  • the support of international keyboard layouts;
  • the printing via the assistance of system functions, like in ordinary utilities for Mac OS;
  • the support of the system functions for copying and paste, as well as dragging the selected elements (drag&drop mechanism);
  • Mac OS X services support;
  • native windows with embedded floating tool mechanics.

If you wish to check out the tool capabilities, simply download Planamesa NeoOffice Viewer for free from the official developer’s web-page. The list of the supported extensions is presented lower: doc, docx, odt, ott, sxw, stw, sdw.