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Apple AppleWorks

Apple AppleWorks

AppleWorks is a Windows and Mac office suite application, which earlier was called ClarisWorks. Currently the project is discontinued, the latest version of it had been presented to public in January 2004. At our times the word processing program with functions analogous to Apple AppleWorks is a component of the iWork suite.

Primary Apple AppleWorks features

All the components of AppleWorks are brought together in order to provide a seamless workflow between each other: for instance, spreadsheet frames can be imported into a text document, or formatted text into the images, etc. Another suitable example is the Tables tool. It allows you to place tables just within any AppleWorks component. However, you can’t create embedded tables, i.e. place tables inside of the tables.

The office suite has gained its popularity due to its low hard-disk requirements, relatively small RAM amount and high speed. Also AppleWorks is famous for its legendary ease of use.

Starting from AppleWorks 6, the word processor is not able to open the files with extensions, native to such epic tool, as Microsoft Word. As a matter of fact, you may save text documents just as AppleWorks, ClarisWorks, text files and HTML. Additionally, the conclusive releases of the text editor do not contain translators. Nevertheless, you could add the translator functionality with MacLink Plus Deluxe plugin from DataViz, which is also distributed under the proprietary license. Moreover, if you possess earlier build of AppleWorks, you could easily use the translator feature in your office suite instance.

If you would like to see the tool with your own eyes, you may download Apple AppleWorks on external servers in the web, as far as on the official site it is not available anymore. The different release versions of AppleWorks support the following files extensions: doc, rtf, txt.

The free alternatives to AppleWorks: OpenOffice Writer, LibreOffice Writer.

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