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Planamesa NeoOffice Writer

Planamesa NeoOffice Writer

Planamesa NeoOffice Writer is text editor, included into a commercial fork of the open source free OpenOffice suite, that contains most of the OpenOffice functions. In addition, it includes some exclusive features, not available in the OpenOffice and LibreOffice suites for macOS system. Also there is a non-paid implementation of the Planamesa NeoOffice Writer, entitled NeoOffice Viewer. The possibilities of this build are absolutely identical, excluding the ability to save the documents. Thus, in NeoOffice Viewer, you may only open, edit and print docs.

Primary Planamesa NeoOffice Writer features

Here are several exclusive NeoOffice Writer functions:

  • In 2011 Apple has appended a new feature to their OS, which is entitled as Versions. Following the idea, from now on the apps are capable to save and restore former versions of the document. The NeoOffice developers have successfully transferred this workflow into their offspring. Additionally, after “Browse All Versions” item selection in the upper menu, you will have a chance to restore any of the earlier branches of the document copies in Apple’s document browser of the versions;
  • Native Mac text highlighting. The word processor draws text being highlighted in the same way as TextEdit and Apple Safari apps;
  • Native file locking, so that the files are safely edited in iCloud Drive, Dropbox or network drives. As far as iCloud Drive and Microsoft Office apply the native file locking functionality, NeoOffice operations also rely on Mac native file locking for collision prevention when iCloud Drive, MS Office or NeoOffice users on distinct PC nodes save one and the same file at the same instant of time.

If you desire to witness the possibilities of this program, download Planamesa NeoOffice Writer from the official page. The tool supports the noted further file formats: doc, docx, odt, ott, sxw, stw, sdw.

The free alternatives of the app: OpenOffice Writer, LibreOffice Writer.