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Apple Pages

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Apple Pages

Apple Pages is, perhaps, the most powerful and convenient word processor on Mac, iPad and iPhone. Even on a PC by using iWord for iCloud you can create collaborative documents via this ultimate app. Apple Pages is a component of the iWord productivity suite, its first version was announced to public on January 2005 and released a month later. A large quantity of designed by Apple templates, which comprise various themes (like outlines, posters, resumes and letters) are included into Pages.

Primary Apple Pages features

Pages is a page layout and a text editor app. At the first run the users are suggested to choose a layout in the Template Chooser. After the selection the user starts with a predesigned template (including a general, newsletter, cards, posters & flyers, business card, envelope, resume, letter, report and miscellaneous section of templates) or a blank document. The template section consists of the placeholder text and images, that can be replaced from the Media Browser via the drag&drop mechanism.

In all the latest iWork releases, page layout and word processing are two distinct modes. In page layout mode, users possess total control over the location of objects on the page. Text and images can be set to any position on the canvas. In word processing mode, Pages supports list creation, outline, footnotes, footers and headers. During the collaborative work the word processor transparently tracks changes made by individual users in distinct colors. The possibility to attach the comments is implemented as well.

If you want to achieve a personal experience of the text editor usage, just download Apple Pages from the developer’s web-resource. Regarding the compatibility, Pages primarily supports doc and docx formats. Also, the app can export to epub and pdf formats. In advance, the earlier builds could import OpenDocument odt format files, but later this feature was removed.

Format compatibility:

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