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AbiWord is a free cross-platform text editor. The program runs on Linux, Windows (the last version is outdated on October 2016) and macOS (current version runs non-natively via XQuartz platform) operational systems. AbiWord is a part of the AbiSource project which currently designs a sufficient quantity of various office-related technologies.

Primary AbiWord features

The program contains as essential, as advanced word processing functions: character formats, indents, lists and enhanced functionalities. To their quantity belong grammar and spell checking, page columns, multiple views, templates, footnotes, footers and page headers, styles and tables. Following from version 2.8.0 and onward, AbiWord contains a collaboration plugin that enables integration with, a free web-service, which makes possible simultaneous work for several users over one and the same document in real-time mode, with full synchronization. This feature makes the operations in AbiWord really convenient and comfortable.

Regarding the interface, at the moment it looks similarly to classic versions (before 2007 release) of Microsoft Word. In general, design of the app is intended to follow the user interface guidelines for each appropriate platform.

One of most notable differentiation of AbiWord over other text editors is grammar checking module, which uses Link Grammar. AbiWord is able to check only English grammar currently. AbiWord became the first open source text editor with grammar checking plugin implemented.

If you would like to see the AbiWord with your own eyes, download AbiWord for free from the official web-portal. The utility opens and writes files with the following extensions: doc, docx, odt, rtf, txt, abw (native format).