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Hancom ThinkFree Office Write

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Hancom ThinkFree Office Write

Hancom ThinkFree Office Write is a proprietary word processor, included into the Hancom ThinkFree Office cross-platform suite. Hancom ThinkFree Office Write runs on Android, Macintosh, Linux and Windows operational systems. Despite this particular suite greatly recognizes (i.e. writes and reads) all the MS Office file formats, it uses a bit different set of proprietary file formats.

Primary Hancom ThinkFree Office Write features

Here’s a brief review of basic word processors features and functionalities:

  • quick performance while loading documents. The low impact on the system allows to run the text editor on the OS with outdated hardware and environment, which is especially useful;
  • memo support and track changes for co-authoring enables comfortable and efficient cooperative editing of the documents while keeping updated about the latest modifications in the text;
  • all the appropriate options for advanced layouts and styles will make your content enriched with graphical elements and stylistics;
  • embedding of the equations, Wordart, charts, tables and various objects allows to import any mathematical expressions and graphical components into your documents, which makes your text informative and adaptive;
  • built-in equation editors with full compatibility make possible embedding of formulas and graphs;
  • import PDF as editable wordprocessor document. This feature has already become a “must-have” for each proficient text editor, so no wonder the developers have added such an ability into ThinkFree Office Write.

If you want to achieve a personal experience while using the program, download Hancom ThinkFree Office Write from the official developer’s site. ThinkFree Office Write splendidly handles the files in the following formats: doc, docx, txt, odt.

The free alternatives to Hancom ThinkFree Office Write: OpenOffice Writer, LibreOffice Writer, Kingsoft Writer.

Format compatibility:

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