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Ashampoo Office TextMaker

Ashampoo Office TextMaker

TextMaker is a word processor included into the ultimate Ashampoo Office suite package. Ashampoo Office TextMaker contains all the features, appropriate to the professional text editor, and has a great compatibility with all the contemporary text formats.

Primary Ashampoo Office TextMaker features

This particular office suite provides all the functionalities, required for creation and editing electronic documents. One of the main package advantages is that it contains the special tool for handling with the portable version of the office suite and its transferring it to the USB flash-card. The experts note, that Ashampoo Office is less overpowered than OpenOffice and Microsoft Office, but congests less amount of system hardware resources and works considerably faster. The package has a widened multilingual support, which is counted for 35 world-wide languages and dialects. The capability to export file objects to PDF format is also implemented.

Ashampoo Office TextMaker is just a perfect solution for combining and composition of the scientific papers, flyers or letters, regardless of what type pf polygraphic documents you need to create. In addition, the suite has a great compatibility embedded and supports all MS Word formats, starting from 6.0 and up to 2016 onward.

To additional features the spell-checking belongs, despite it is much simpler comparing to more essential and widely-used office suites, like Microsoft Office. The useful and relevant full-based documentation is included into the distributive.

If you want to achieve a personal experience while working with the tool, download Ashampoo Office TextMaker embedded into whole suite, from the official developer’s web-site. The text editor supports any operations with the following extensions: doc, docx, odt, rtf, txt.

The free alternatives for the product: OpenOffice Writer, LibreOffice Writer, Kingsoft Writer.

Format compatibility:

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