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Yozo Office Text Document

Yozo Office Text Document

Yozo Office Text Document is a word processor, included into the professional Yozo Office suite. Moreover, it contains discrete apps for handling the spreadsheets and presentations, but we will make a short review of text editor precisely. Basically, the product is pretty similar to MS Word functionalities and abilities. Thus, using Yozo Office Text Document, you will find a handy replacement for this massive package. The utility is distributed based on the shareware model, so after downloading of the distributive you will obtain the trial 30 days-limited distributive.

Primary Yozo Office Text Document features

Below the essential applet opportunities will be described, so that you could get the basic experience and acknowledgement, what you will deal with while working with the application:

  • tabulators setting up (text alignment in paragraphs);
  • insert the page break;
  • division of the page on sections. The ability to apply various sections layout for the orientation of page, page size, edge, columns, vertical alignment, lines number, heading and footer, page numbers, etc.;
  • the text composition (with all the settings), adding the text to several columns;
  • insert tables, images, lists, clips, diagrams, charts, links (i.e., crossed), bookmarks, header and footer, page numbers, text blocks, WordArt graphics, symbols, formulas, video, audio, watermarks on the page;
  • creation of borders around the page, text, images, tables;
  • creation of index – the list of keywords, which are used during the search.

The spectrum of built-in package abilities is much wider. After you download Yozo Office Text Document from one of the software portals, you will achieve the fully competent professional tool for documents management. The project is compatible with eio text format only.

Free alternatives to the applet: OpenOffice Writer, LibreOffice Writer.

Format compatibility:

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