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Koder Code Editor

Koder Code Editor

Koder Code Editor is an ultra-feature-packed mobile application for iOS with extensive toolset, related to code typing and management. The built-in functional components involve local and remote file connections, theme editor, find and replace mechanics, tabbed editing, snippet manager and syntax highlighting and much more. Using Koder Code Editor, you may code anywhere and anytime, regardless whether you are on the go or at your desktop.

Primary Koder Code Editor features

It is worth to discover the essential app properties, which stand out among the rival solutions on the first sight:

  • advanced syntax highlighting, which is compliant with more than 80 common languages, including html, xml and tex;
  • code autocompleting;
  • the detailed list of code functions;
  • easy management and access to Dropbox, local files, WebDav or FTP;
  • embedded terminal via SSH client accessibility;
  • amicable and transparent interface with multi-tabs;
  • miscellaneous keyboard snippets, implemented via custom keys;
  • the full-scope support of Document Picker, capable to open/export/import additional files to/from Koder;
  • web-browser previewer with View Source menu item;
  • modifiable and configurable theme editor;
  • auto and manual lock, screen lock;
  • ZIP-files decompression in scale of local project maintenance;
  • reliable and productive file browser;
  • the massive editing space area, which can be expanded;
  • support of Bluetooth keyboards.

The described software suite will definitely take interest of professional iOS web-developers due to its stunning code editing possibilities, picturesque and subtle visual GUI and saturated functional spectrum, which offers maximal convenience and time optimization tricks for those, who are used to estimate their working time. If you download Koder Code Editor, you will achieve effective solution for writing and editing code for reasonable price. The applet sustains any operations with xml, html and tex extensions, as well as over 80 universal programming and script languages.

Format compatibility:

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